Pitchback Studios

In 2008,

producer Aljoscha Sieg returned from an extensive trip throughout the USA back to Cologne, Germany. It was that very journey, which called upon the strong desire of bringing this massive, modern, American sound which defined genres such as rock, metal and hardcore to Germany.

This was the conception of Pitchback Studios.

Following that, he received intense training by two of the most successful record producers in the US, set up a highly professional team and moved into state-of-the-art facilities. In this way, the vision of Pitchback Studios was put into action.

Since that date, Pitchback Studios have …

  • given artists such as Any Given Day, Nasty, Vitja and Eskimo Callboy their break by producing their debut records. These acts now enjoy worldwide recognition.
  • built up an international base of customers (Europe, United States, Japan, Russia, Australia).
  • supported bands in landing record deals.
  • been rewarded for their unique modern and massive sound with chart success, a gold certification, an Echo nomination and numerous favorable reviews.
  • established a wide ranging professional network, which includes both independent and major labels. Thus, records produced at Pitchback Studios can instantly be forwarded to suitable partners.
  • moved into a large recording studio in Frankfurt a.M., Germany, featuring a spacious lounge, top-notch acoustics, band housings and Wi-Fi.
  • a high-end custom-made room built especially for mixing and mastering following the latest standards in acoustics. This room is located in midtown Cologne.

We will process every request personally and with adequate care, in order to put together a package according to your individual needs.

Now, what can we do for you?

Our Work


We offer both, a full service production and modular packages. The full service includes every step during production being one-stop at our facilities. With the modular packages, however, you can also bring in externally or self-recorded material.

Full Service

Includes consulting based on demos, recording, editing, reamping, mixing, mastering plus recommendation to our label partners.

This is our most frequently booked service. Our experienced staff will guide and supervise every single step during production, in order to guarantee world class results and to level up the quality of the material.

Recording will be done at our facilities in Frankfurt. We will exclusively use premium equipment in our acoustically enhanced recording rooms.

For instance, a five piece DW collectors drum kit and a Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet are at the artists’ free disposal. Additionally, we offer overnight stay for bands without any additional costs.


Includes mixing, guitar and bass reamping (if provided with DI tracks) and mastering.

Mixing is the single most crucial step in creating the eventual sound. It will be done at our high-end mixing and mastering room in midtown Cologne by Aljoscha Sieg himself. During the mixing process, he utilizes his self-developed mixing method Full Range Mixing. This method enables a massive yet organic and clear sound within all available frequencies.

We also offer mixing of external productions or self-recordings.


This is the last step of production. During that process, we will give as much as is humanly and technically possible, in order to obtain a clear, wide and loud sound minus any kind of interfering distortion. We will use a combination of analogue and digital hardware, so we can guarantee, that the final sound of the product works perfectly on any conceivable sound system.

Additionally, we are happy to also offer mastering as a separate service for both artists and studios. We do, however, recommend stem mastering, so that maximum results can be achieved. Stem mastering in that case refers to group track processing (drums, guitars, bass, vocals, FX).


We can also provide our unique, refined and massive bass and guitar sound as a separate service. All required for that are the bass or guitar DI tracks plus a backing track. We will then look for the optimal combination of sounds, reamp the tracks and send them back to you mix ready.

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Dipl. Audio-Ing. Aljoscha Sieg

Owner, Mixing Engineer, Producer

Honors Bachelor of Recording Arts
(Middlesex University of London)

Aljoscha takes care of booking, mixing and mastering. His work has been awarded with chart success and he was certified gold. He passionately makes use of his years of professional experience in order to achieve the best possible result with each and every production.

Aljoscha works in the Mixing Room.

Contact Aljoscha:



Markus Esch

Recording Engineer, Producer, Composer

Markus is an experienced recording engineer with a background in many genres. But due to his social skills, he also creates an inspirational, non-stressful environment during recording sessions. He supports bands during demo and preproduction, supervises the recording process and is responsible for editing afterwards. Markus encourages the artist to deliver at his best possible performance during the recording process. He also makes use of his songwriting skills in order to push the material even further.

Markus works in the Recording Studio.

Contact Markus:


Simon Thelen

Drum Technician

Simon is a professional drummer. He is the Pitchback Studios drum tech. He will tune both drum kit and snare perfectly, so that it perfectly fits to the desired sound of the product.

David Beule

Post Production

David can be optionally booked to productions. His professional postproduction effects will further refine the end product. Among his specialties are shapes of modern postproduction, such as stutters, glitches and vocal effects. In addition to that, he can also craft intros and / or interludes.

Our Studios


Recording Studio

Our studio is a 250 square meter premise located in midtown Frankfurt a.M., Germany. It comes with a king-size control room, which allows convenient producing and recording. Furthermore, the live or recording room features a large sounding acoustic for the optimal recording of guitars and drums, which cannot be done in computer simulation. We will exclusively utilize premium microphones, preamps and compressors, so that we can achieve the highest quality as early as possible.

The recording studio provides an artist lounge with kitchen and Wi-Fi, a designated smoking area, two recording rooms, a control room and band housings.

Mixing Room

Our high-end mixing and mastering room is located in the heart of Cologne. In here, solely premium equipment is employed, along with acoustically enhanced listening conditions. Additionally, every laid cable is a Vovox Sonorus.

In order to allow highest customer involvement, we also offer real time live stream via internet. In this manner, the respective artists or band can both listen on their own sound systems during mixing and even participate.

Chart Listings & Awards

Dec 2013 - Vitja - #5 Itunes Metal Albumcharts
Dec 2013 - Any Given Day - #1 Itunes Metal Singlecharts
Jun 2014 - Dem Nice - #28 Itunes Metal Singlecharts
Aug 2014 - Marathonmann - #46 German Albumcharts 
Sep 2014 - Any Given Day - #2 Itunes Metal Albumcharts
Sep 2014 - Any Given Day - #28 German Albumcharts
Feb 2015 - Vitja - #3 Itunes Metal Albumcharts
Feb 2015 - One Hundred Days - #6 Itunes Metal Albumcharts
Feb 2015 - Light your Anchor - #4 Itunes Metal Albumcharts
Feb 2015 - Nasty - #2 Itunes Metal Albumcharts
Mar 2015 - Eskimo Callboy - #6 German Albumcharts
Jun 2015 - We Butter The Bread With Butter - #31 German Albumcharts
Jun 2016 – Gestört aber Geil – GOLD STATUS RECORD
Aug 2016 - Any Given Day - #14 German Albumcharts
Aug 2016 - Any Given Day - #1 Itunes Metal Albumcharts
Sep 2017 - Eskimo Callboy - #4 German Albumcharts
Mar 2017 - Wolves Scream - #19 Belgian Albumcharts

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